LG 5-Burner 90×60 Gas Cooker with Closed Door Grilling and Dual Heating LGG9060

LG 5-Burner 90×60 Gas Cooker with Closed Door Grilling and Dual Heating LGG9060

Product Highlights

  • Dual Heating
  • Removable Door Glass
  • Flame Failure Device
  • Safe Touch
  • Closed Door Grilling


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Dual Heating
Use baking and grill burner together. With Dual Heating for oven and grill, LG Cooker offers you more flexibility when you cook.

Removable Door Glass
With LG Cooker, cleaning the oven door after cooking is not an annoying job to do anymore. Since you need no tool to take off the inner glass, cleaning your oven becomes way more easier than ever.

Full Safety
Full safety means the cooker has flame failure device for both hob and oven part. The device automatically cuts the gas supply off when the flame is extinguished, so it prevents any accumulation of unburned gas.


Safe Touch
Safe Touch allows to keep the front door and its components cool, using special ventilation system of LG freestanding cooker. Thanks to this technology, your kitchen becomes more safe for you and your kids.


Closed Door Grilling
Every LG cooker provides closed door grilling function, which means you can keep your oven door closed while using grill burner. Odor and heat produced while cooking cannot come out of the cooker, so that your kitchen becomes more convenient and clean.



  • Heating Element Gas (LPG/LNG)
    Width 90cm


  • Top Plate: 5 Gas
    Trivet #: 3 pcs
  • Trivet Material Gloss: Enamel
    Burner Cap Material: Gloss Enamel


  • Ignition: Electronic (240V)
    Position of Control: Through knobs
  • Timer Type: Mechanical Minute minder


    • Cook Zone #: 5
      Rear Left (Semi Rapid): 1.75kW
    • Front Left (Rapid): 2.9kW
      Rear Right (Semi Rapid): 1.75kW

Middle (Wok): 3.6kW

  • Front Right (Auxiliary Rapid): 1.0kW


    • Flame Failure Device: Yes
      Oven door glasses: 2

Cooling Fan: Yes


  • Net Weight: 66.5kg
    Gross Weight: 74.5kg
    Product (HxWxD): 850x900x600mm (Leg H : 75~110)
    Minimum Distance to side wall: 20mm


  • Usable volume: 95L


  • Shelf position (levels): 5
  • Max. temperature: 280℃
  • Bottom heat: Yes
  • Separated Knob: Oven & Grill


  • Lamp type: Back
    Voltage, Watt: 230V, 25W


  • Supply voltage: 230V
    Total connected load: 30W
  • Max. current: < 3A
    Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Length of power cord: 1.6m


Weight 65 kg



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LG 5-Burner 90×60 Gas Cooker with Closed Door Grilling and Dual Heating LGG9060

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