Westinghouse WKSC65 Slow Cooker with Removable Ceramic Pan 6L – Stainless Steel

Westinghouse WKSC65 Slow Cooker with Removable Ceramic Pan 6L – Stainless Steel

Product Highlights

  • 3 settings; high/low temperature and warming function
  • Removable inner pan, making cleaning very easy
  • The warming function allows you to keep your food warm until dinner time
  • Large volume; suitable for families


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Westinghouse Slow Cooker with Removable Ceramic Pan 6 L – WKSC65 – Stainless Steel
Enjoy an easy hot meal with the Westinghouse Slow Cooker! With this slow cooker, you can prepare all kinds of dishes without spending the whole day in the kitchen. The slow cooker has three preset cooking modes: low temperature, high temperature and the keep warm function. Whatever you are preparing, there is a suitable temperature for every dish!

Slow Cooking; delicious and healthy
Because the slow cooker cooks ingredients at a low temperature, the minerals and vitamins are preserved longer and the flavours are enhanced. This enables you to prepare the most succulent dishes. Additionally, this helps to keep food from burning. There’s also a digital timer on the slow cooker, so you don’t have to keep an eye on it yourself. If you do want to keep an eye on the food, you can always look through the glass lid.

The Westinghouse slow cooker has a removable inner pan with a volume of 6 L. The removable and dishwasher-safe inner pan makes the Westinghouse Slow Cooker very easy to clean!

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