Yamaha MODX8 88-Key Music Synthesizer

Yamaha MODX8 88-Key Music Synthesizer

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  • 88 keys
  • Graded hammer standard weighted action provides realistic acoustic piano feel
  • Synth and piano sounds
  • Unlock further voice options with FM Essential, free 4-operator FM synthesizer app for iOS


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Yamaha’s MODX collection was developed with the same sound technology in the popular Montage synthesizers. Meant to be a portable synth, the MODX packs in plenty of effects and sounds to choose from. The MODX8 is a good choice for a pianist who needs a piano-focused instrument with good synth capabilities.

Montage synths produce amazing sound playback and complex sound design from two sound engines. Those same sound engines provide that iconic quality in the MODX8. Advanced wave memory (AWM2) sample and synthesis engine creates stunning emulation of acoustic instruments, synth sounds, and drums. Frequency modulation (FM-X) is a highly programmable synthesis technology for dynamic performances of electro-modern style music.

Bring sophisticated music production automation to real time live performances with the varying synthesizer effects. Motion Control effects of super knob, motion SEQ, and envelope follower are all easily accessible. Simultaneously control up to 128 parameters in one performance with the super knob, giving you control over mix functions and detailed synth parameters. The super knob can also control a second FC7 foot controller. Assign motion sequences to just about any synthesizer parameter for tempo-synchronized and completely customizable control. To convert audio into a control source over synthesizer parameters, use the envelope follower. One example of the envelope follower could be applying it so a vocal recording controls several parameters for a “talking” synthesizer.

Additional effects give you more creative license over your music. High definition reverbs, VCM effects, beat repeat, vinyl break, bit crusher, spiralizer, analog delay, and tons more can be used to create different sound styles and dynamic feel. Piano-focused effects such as damper resonance imitate an authentic piano playing experience.

Controls help streamline effect adjustments while playing. Match up the beat of an external device plugged into the A/D input to the beat of the MODX arpeggiator, motion sequencer or songs. SSS (seamless sound switching) changes performances without cutting off any envelope or effect, perfect for live performances to end one song and start the next without a pause. Storage is also important, with 1 GB of non-volatile user flash memory giving you the space for custom samples and synth libraries. Audio engineering power is built in with the 4-in/10-out multi-channel interface keeping up with computer-based music production without needing an external audio interface.

Lightweight portability helps this synth travel, and it also connects quickly into different setups. Two A/D inputs make the MODX connect smoothly into any professional recording studio or live computer rig. The MODX8 is recommended for midlevel piano players to take on the road for a fun and easy experience.

Yamaha MODX8 Features

  • 88 graded hammer standard keys
  • MODX uses AWM2 and FM-X sound engines from MONTAGE
  • 192-note total polyphony
  • Super knob can simultaneously control up to 128 parameters in one performance
  • Envelope follower converts audio into control source for control of virtually any synthesizer parameter
  • Tempo-synchronized motion sequences
  • Audio beat sync matches the beat of an external device to the MODX
  • Sidechain will automatically control the dynamic behavior of one part from another
  • Cubase AI bundle
  • 1 GB integrated flash
  • A/D input
  • 4-in/10-out multi-channel USB audio interface
  • Easily portable
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Yamaha MODX8 88-Key Music Synthesizer

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