Generic Bluetooth Earbuds

Generic Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Sound Quality – 100%
  • Bass – 100%
  • Noise Reduction – 100%
  • Battery life – 3 – 4hrs
  • Works for iPhone as well
  • A quality product at an affordable price


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  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Product Warranties

The device Name/Model is HV-358T. It consists of two earbuds units and a charging case.

The earbuds can operate individually or as a paired unit. To work as a paired unit, the left earbud(which serves as the receiver and transmitter in this scenario) has to paired with the right earbud. You do this by holding them close and quickly double-press the buttons to pair.

Usage experience: in all, the sound quality is good. Noise cancellation is adequate and uptime is about 3hrs (this is based on how far away you are from the broadcast device as well as the volume at which you have the sound playing )

If you do however need to charge and you’re away from any power outlets, the charging case can give you a quick charge since it has a small battery pack within just for that purpose.




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Generic Bluetooth Earbuds

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