Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 256GB ROM, 8GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 256GB ROM, 8GB RAM

Key Features

  • 6.7″ 
  • 12+12MP/10MP 
  • 256GB ROM
  • 8GB RAM
  • 3300 MAH

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Key features

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Foldable Design & Samsung Ultra Thin Glass
We made the impossible possible. Galaxy Z Flip’s iconic foldable design is only palm sized when folded, but unfolds to give a full 17.01cm (6.7″)* screen experience. And who said glass couldn’t be folded? We had to invent a brand new foldable Samsung Ultra Thin Glass technology to make Z Flip a reality. So finally you can have a truly immersive display with a super smooth surface, and without distractions.

* Measured diagonally, the screen size is 17.01cm (6.7″) in a full rectangle and 16.58cm (6.5″) accounting for the rounded corners. The actual viewable area is smaller due to the rounded corners and camera hole.

Hands-free camera for selfies and vlogging
Galaxy Z Flip’s Free-stop mechanism allows you to use your Galaxy Z Flip as if were a laptop. When folded in half and placed on the flat surface, it will be automatically changed into Flex mode. So, you can use the upper half of the screen to view and bottom half to control. This means new angles to snap a video or photo without even having to use your hand. You can now shoot videos in 16:9 ratio in portrait mode perfect for uploading to Youtube.

Tripod-less Night Camera
Z Flip’s unique foldability allows it to double up as a tripod which gives you the unique ability to capture stunning and stable photos and videos without using your hands.

In Night Mode, Z Flip goes even further when acting as a tripod. It takes 14 shots in up to 4 minutes,* combining them to give you the perfect bright shot without you having to even hold the device. Night Hyperlapse also allows you to capture night time videos with dynamic light trails, again without having to use your hands.

* 14 shots in 4 mins (max) in Night mode available with MR update

Quick Selfie
Galaxy Z Flip allows you to snap a selfie in seconds when folded. Double press the power button and press the volume key to take quality shots. Galaxy Z Flip’s cover screen will instantly show you a preview without having to even unfold.
Single Take
Z Flip’s Single Take mode captures a video, analyzes it using S20’s AI, and serves you up to 14 different photos and videos including ultra wide, bokeh, cropped photos, time lapse videos and more. Shoot it once, get multiple options and choose the perfect moment*.

* Requires minimum 3 seconds, maximum 10 seconds of shooting

Hands-free communication
Take your video calls to the next level with Galaxy Z Flip’s unique foldable UX optimized for hands-free. Simply turn Z Flip to Flex mode (half folded) on a flat surface when you call a friend. The upper screen displays the video, whilst the bottom screen allows you to control and interact without having to hold your phone. Flex mode is supported by video calling apps such as Google Duo, so you can have immersive conversations with anyone in your contacts.
Optimized UX when folded / unfolded
Your apps will take on new dimensions with Z Flip*. Galaxy Z Flip’s UI/UX has been designed specifically to the device’s form factor. With our precise sensor technology, Galaxy Z Flip knows how to act when folded, unfolded and in between.

* Compatibility may be limited to certain apps

Hideaway Hinge
Folding has never looked and felt so good thanks to our ground breaking Hideaway hinge that we have engineered to perfection. When you fold, the hinge elegantly disappears from view. The intelligent design includes freestop angles, which allow you to fold inwardly and gently lock into different angles mid motion. And on top of all of this, the Hideaway hinge also gives the Z Flip extra protection with our proprietary sweeper structure which helps prevent dust getting in too.
Immersive viewing experience with Dynamic AMOLED display
Colors are incredibly vivid and clear on Galaxy Z Flip’s gorgeous Dynamic AMOLED Display. With HDR 10+ Dynamic Tone Mapping, maximum 800 Nit of screen brightness and reduced blue light for less eye strain.

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