Tefal VF2250F0 Air Pro Power 20″ Standing Fan

Tefal VF2250F0 Air Pro Power 20″ Standing Fan

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X-tra Powerful, X-tra Durable 

Extra Powerful, Extra Durable

Air Pro Power combines powerful airflow with a long-lasting durable design, providing refreshment in even the warmest, most humid environments. Highly stable and safe for the whole family.


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Air Pro Power brings three speeds of powerful refreshment to your home. The robust fan features an extra large propeller, 50 cm in diameter and with five high-speed blades for powerful airflow of over 100 m3/min*. Built to last, it has proven effective in extreme conditions of heat, humidity and salty air. Moreover, its safe design is ideal for the home and family, with an ultra-stable base and an extra safe grid. *Airflow can vary +/- 10% depending on the model.


Built to last!
Air Pro Power is built to last. The construction and design have been developed specifically for a robust fan, providing long-lasting performance for your home.


Extra powerful airflow
Three airflow speeds reach more than 100 m3/min.* An extremely large diameter of 20” / 50 cm provides a high level of airflow.
*Airflow can vary +/- 10% depending on the model.

5 high-speed blades
The extra large propeller is designed with five high-speed blades. Their number and dynamic shape help achieve a high level of airflow and air speed.

Tested in extreme conditions
In order to prove the product’s durability, tests in extreme conditions have been conducted. The product has proven safe and effective for the whole family, even at 40°C, with over 90% humidity and in an extremely salty environment.

Careful, this product is not compliant with outdoor use.


Outstanding Stability
Enhanced stability, thanks to a specific design and shape for an ultra-stable base.

Extra safe grid
The robust grids prevent any member of the family from accessing the propeller.

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Tefal VF2250F0 Air Pro Power 20″ Standing Fan

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